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The University of Aruba (UA) is a modern institution that provides higher education, conducts research, and offers social services to Aruba and its neighboring regions. Rooted in the Aruban society, the UA exemplifies cultural diversity, reflecting the diverse backgrounds of its students from the Caribbean, Europe, Latin America, Asia, and the Americas. With its four faculties and various university centers, the UA aims to contribute to academic discourse, support the sustainable development of Aruba, and foster critical and open-minded thinking. Fulfilling these objectives is integral to the UA’s mission of giving back to the Aruban community.
The teaching staff at the UA is composed of a diverse group of dedicated scholars from both Aruba and abroad, who work collaboratively to nurture the academic growth of the nearly 700 students enrolled at the UA. In addition, the UA provides a range of administrative, facilities, and individual services to support the professional and personal development of faculty and students. These services are delivered by a friendly and supportive UA staff.
The UA’s history dates back to 1988 when the Faculty of Law (FdR) was established, marking the beginning of the university’s academic expansion. Subsequently, the Faculty for Accounting, Finance, and Marketing (FEF) was established in 1993 and has now become the largest faculty at the UA. The Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism Management Studies (FHTMS) was founded in 2005, followed by the establishment of the Faculty of Arts and Science (FAS) in 2009. Looking ahead, the UA aspires to continue its growth by offering innovative degree programs to both local and international students.



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