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When you choose to study at Tilburg University, you are opting for a world-class institution that offers exceptional education. Located in the Brainport region of the Netherlands, renowned as the smartest region in the world, our university is dedicated to providing high-quality education with a strong focus on research. At Tilburg University, we prioritize social orientation and foster a vibrant campus atmosphere.
We take pride in offering a diverse range of over 100 programs, including 14 Bachelor’s programs and more than 50 (pre-)Master’s programs, all taught in English. Our programs cover a wide array of disciplines, such as Business, Entrepreneurship, Economics, Econometrics, Data Science, Law, Social & Behavioral Sciences, Psychology, Humanities, and Communication & Digital Sciences.
Established in 1927 as the Roman Catholic Business School, Tilburg University has adapted to the ever-changing world around us. We are committed to preparing our students to become future leaders who are engaged with society and reflect on their roles within it. Our university fosters a safe and inclusive community where students and staff value and respect each other.
At Tilburg University, we cultivate a close-knit community that encourages active participation. Every study program includes a philosophy course, inspiring you to think critically about human and societal issues in relation to your field of study. In essence, our aim is to shape you into a reflective thinker with integrity, someone who actively contributes to society and strives to make ethical decisions. The Tilburg Educational Profile, which places equal emphasis on the development of knowledge, skills, and character, encompasses all these values.



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