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Atlantic Technological University (ATU) stands as one of the most expansive multi-campus universities on the island, catering to a diverse community of learners, staff, and organizations from our region and beyond.
We take pride in offering a compelling blend of academic excellence and cutting-edge research, combined with a high quality of life, all set amidst the breathtaking beauty of Ireland’s finest landscapes.
With a strong presence in the west, north-west, and cross-border regions, ATU possesses the essential resources and academic depth to attract, educate, and nurture talent in these areas.
Our commitment to collaboration drives us to provide practice-oriented programs and research that tackle the significant challenges facing society and the world.
As a northern and western multi-campus technological university, we are dedicated to fostering sustainable economic, social, and cultural development, deeply connected to our region while maintaining a global outlook.
With our scale, unwavering quality, and significant impact, ATU is well-equipped for fruitful partnerships with international counterparts, and our graduates will emerge with exceptional employment prospects both nationally and worldwide.



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