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Amsterdam University College (AUC) provides a distinctive liberal arts and sciences program that leads to a joint Bachelor’s (Honors) degree awarded by the University of Amsterdam and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Built upon the American liberal arts and sciences model, AUC fosters a unique educational environment where students from diverse backgrounds live and study together on an international campus located at Amsterdam Science Park. The program is exclusively taught in English, offering a small-scale and highly selective learning experience that admits a maximum of 300 students annually based on their academic achievements and motivation.
At AUC, the program combines broad knowledge with in-depth understanding. One of its core aspects is the exploration of real-world problems and contemporary challenges that our world faces. From the very beginning, you are encouraged to contemplate the “Big Questions” in science and society, and to develop the skills necessary to contribute meaningfully to ongoing debates. The curriculum places considerable emphasis on the sciences, including interdisciplinary themes such as Health and Well-being, Energy, Climate, and Sustainability, as well as Life, Evolution, and the Universe. As today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders, you are prepared to excel in both collaboration and competition on an international scale.
AUC cultivates an academic community that embodies the rich traditions of the liberal arts and sciences, actively adapting to the demands and challenges of the 21st century. As a student at AUC, you reside and study on an international campus, following a program that forges innovative pathways crossing traditional disciplines. It equips you with the ability to approach complex issues from diverse perspectives and academic fields of knowledge.



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